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This non-commercial web site is a single point of reference and chronicle for much of the work and interests of Ross Thorne.

It covers a period of well over 60 years, with select highlights of publications, personal recounts and photographs.

While the majority of content is made up of published documents in PDF format, there are also copies of previously unpublished works.

The reference to DVDs and other media are purely of historical interest, produced by an enthusiastic amateur film and video maker from the age of 16 - an activity that still continues, as Ross develops new videos on thatre, architecure and culture.

The site is split into five, colour coded categories and sub categories. You will find these categories at the top of every page.

Under the "list of publications" (see above) can be found over 120 titles by the Author.

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November 2015

The option to order DVDs and CDs is no longer available.

For access to the various DVDs and CDs listed across the site please contact the National Film and Sound Archive.

Copies of all DVDs films are deposited with the Archive.

recent additions...

An article discussing and defining "Art Deco". Perhaps the most misunderstood and misinterpreted artistic and architectural style of the 20th Century.

New videos on theatres include a detailed analysis of the political and social issues surrounding the restoration of the the Athenium Theatre in Junee, NSW, "Saving a Theatre"

In "Whatever Happened To My Local Picture Theatre ?", dozens of old cinemas and converted community halls are revisited in small country towns across NSW.

"Rediscovering the Queens Theatre" in Adelaide, looks at an archeological dig revealing hidden proof of the original form and structure of one of the oldest thatres in the country.

Please check the orders page for instructions on purchasing any DVDs.

The Hoyts Entertainment Centre in Sydney can be found under Lost Cinemas and Theatres. Extensively remodelled it is now almost impossible to recognise anything of the original form of the interior as spaces have been reconfigured.

This article contains photos and cross sectional drawings of the original configuration, features and decor.

Ross Thorne in Mudgee NSW with video camera

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This site is an ongoing "work in progress". Some pages may appear to be vacant or lacking content but material will be added over time.